U.S. Agency for International Development

Activities Overview

USAID--Inma activities include field trials, demonstrations, and institutional support to catalyze the adoption of improved production, post-harvest, and marketing practices. These are complemented by business development, market information systems, and water management.
Collage depicting USAID-Inma activities

Activities are implemented by means of:

  • direct technical assistance to local partners and associates, including private agribusiness firms, local communities, local government organizations, NGOs, and other interested organizations;
  • grants to agribusinesses, farmer and marketing associations and groups, NGOs and others; and
  • a combination of classroom training, special short-term courses, and workshops to introduce concepts and build Iraqi technical and agribusiness management skills.

The success of USAID-Inma depends on building solid partnerships to identify, design and implement large-scale agribusiness activities, and identifying a pool of qualified Iraqi private sector agribusiness entrepreneurs. These individuals will become the champions of anchor and related agribusiness enterprises, whose success will rapidly improve production and efficiency throughout the value chain.