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USAID-Inma: Five Years of Agribusiness in Iraq
In 2007, USAID initiated a comprehensive assistance program in Iraq called Inma, which means "growth" in Arabic, to support the development of agribusinesses and agriculture in Iraq. Activities directly supported by USAID-Inma generated $181 million in gross sales and created over 15,000 full and part time jobs. The program introduced new technologies, genetics and cultural practices and broad-based training opportunities.


Improving Strawberry Production in Iraq
Business is flourishing for Iraq’s strawberry farmers thanks to higher-yield varieties and new growing techniques provided by the U.S. Government through the USAID-Inma Agribusiness Program.




Blann Bazar: Striving to be the First Brand in Iraq
Mamoon Majeed, the general manager for Blann Bazar, is very confident and he has every right to be. Less than two years ago, Majeed quit his construction business to take over a government-run feedlot in Dahuk. Today he has expanded his business to include a butcher shop, a food processing and packaging plant, eight trucks, 100 frozen food freezers in markets across northern Iraq and is quickly becoming one of the largest suppliers of meats to upscale restaurants in Kurdistan. And this entire story begins with USAID-Inma.

Restoring Water to Al Kumait
In 2003, a pump station that provided water to thousands of Iraqi farmers stopped working due to a lack of maintenance. Without water, farmers were forced to leave their land. Many had difficulty finding work and some even resorted to joining militias in order to survive. In 2008, USAID-Inma rebuilt the pump station, restoring water to the farmers. Today, thousands have returned home and their farms are now thriving.


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