U.S. Agency for International Development


In collaboration with the private sector, the USAID-Inma program is creating jobs and increasing agriculture sales.

Overall Accomplishments:

  • USAID-Inma has recorded approximately $142 million in total sales representing all of the USAID-Inma program areas since 2007.
  • Nearly 15,000 new jobs for Iraqis have been created through USAID-Inma programs.

Livestock-Protein Accomplishments:

  • To address the feed and nutritional requirements of the livestock, aquaculture and poultry industries, the program assisted in remodeling six feed mills. The program also improved their businesses by opening linkages with other sectors.
  • Provided technical assistance and educated farmers on analyzing feed used to control the amount of raw materials and control weight gain. USAID-Inma also assisted in establishing three feed analysis laboratories in three locations.
  • Assisted with the construction of ten confined feeding operations. These operations served as a model for the private sector. Individual investors are constructing additional units with technical assistance from USAID-Inma.
  • The team assisted in the revitalization of the aquaculture industry by introducing Hungarian brood stock to produce cross breed fingerlings that are genetically superior to the existing fish populations. The cross bred fish are more disease resistant and faster growing.  As a result, the original 12,000 Hungarian fingerlings can be linked to the production of more than 180 million fingerlings in 2011.
  • In 2009, an improved variety of alfalfa was planted in Anbar, Babil, Kirkuk and Ninawa governorates.  In addition, hay harvesting equipment was obtained to demonstrate the value of alfalfa as a livestock feed and the economic benefits of hay production.  Due to the large demand for alfalfa hay, USAID-Inma is continuing its alfalfa project by establishing five new locations of alfalfa hay with total area of 500 hectares.
  • The USAID-Inma Livestock team is working with the Iraqi 4-H club to provide sheep, corral materials and feed for three months to develop a long-term source of income for the country’s marginalized populations, such as widows and youth.  Instead of providing monetary funding or simply donating equipment and supplies, the sheep breeding activity provides an opportunity for sustainable development to the 4-H club members.

Horticulture Accomplishments:

  • Worked in 50 greenhouse clusters across the country with more than 1,300 farmers in approximately 8,500 greenhouses in all 18 governorates.
  • Rebuilt and equipped five packing houses for fresh fruits and vegetables. The packing houses have cleaned, sorted, graded, packed and sold nearly $10 million in fresh produce.
  • Provided the Al-Zaytoon Olive Association in Ninawa province three modern oil presses, stainless steel oil tanks, modern bottling equipment, two irrigation wells for 21,000 olive trees, food processing training, as well as technical assistance for the association workers.
  • Nearly tripled orders for new strawberry transplants after a successful pilot program in 2009 with two growers in northern Iraq.
  • Established three multi-span nurseries in Baghdad, Wasit and Sulaymaniyah provinces, enhancing the transplant industry.

Business Development Accomplishments:

  • Following the Date Marketing Conference organized by USAID-Inma in February 2010, staff developed and implemented a plan that would improve production and value of dates produced in Iraq while developing a small profitable niche market for export to the UK of specific varieties of dates.
  • Provided technical assistance to the Al-Basrah Dates Company, which enabled the company to begin selling dates in most of the duty free and diplomatic shops throughout Iraq.  The project also opened new sales linkages in Baghdad with Nahrain Souk convenience stores and with major supermarkets in the Kurdish region, including Carrefour & Majidi Mall in Erbil, and the new Majidi Mall in the city of Zakos in Dahuk governorate, which borders Turkey.
  • In 2011, the USAID-Inma Business Development team and representatives from the Al-Basrah Date Company helped broker a contract with the Al Bogari Group for a 50 metric ton shipment of dates to be brought to Dubai.  The Al Bogari Group is one of the largest dates commodity traders based in Dubai.  Based on the quality of the shipment, the Al Bogari Group is considering all future date shipments to be packed under their brand in Basrah for direct shipment to India, with volumes of up to 500 metric tons per month. 
  • In addition to dates, the duty free and diplomatic shops have been an excellent vehicle to promote other companies and associations supported by USAID-Inma, such as the Al Zaytoon Olive Oil association and the Al Rawasi Widows & Orphans Association. Both organizations are selling their products – such as 100 percent natural olive oil, pre-packed Anbar rice and high quality honey – to increase incomes and support their associations.